Sam is thrilled to make her debut at PNW Fitness as a GRIT coach.  Sam’s path to group fitness began in March of 2015, when she was working 60-hour weeks and watching her body composition go south. Had you met her back then, you wouldn’t have recognized her – both personally and professionally. She was the girl in the back of the group X class, hoping the teacher wouldn’t call attention to her, and not engaging with others. Like so many working professionals, Sam didn’t have much time to dedicate the the gym, and she knew things needed to change.  That’s when she discovered Les Mills Grit and it literally brought her to her knees, and could fit within her busy schedule. Within three months, Sam dropped 8% of her body fat and doubled her weight loss goals! She was pulled into a supportive community that inspired her each and every class. Group X gave Sam the confidence that she now leads teams of all fitness levels through obstacle course races like Tough Mudder, Spartan, and more when not teaching. Each day of coaching is a blessing, and she is thrilled to inspire and motivate people in their own fitness journey.  Come say hello and share your story. She can’t wait to meet you!