Stuart/Sina K.

Sina is a certified LesMills BODYPUMP and RPM instructor. He has been teaching group fitness classes since early 2016. In his main career as a Software Engineer, he always felt the need for more physical activities to boost up his energy levels. Inspired by LesMills programs and great instructors, he observed the effect of group exercise in his daily life and he started his journey to become an instructor. He is very passionate about teaching. He is always looking for new ways to provide a better experience for his class members and help them achieve their fitness goals. In his spare time, he loves riding his bicycle or motorcycle, running, and hiking.


Stuart has been teaching fitness for about 3 years, and loves how group fitness has really helped her strength and fitness.  She is certified in Les Mills RPM, Bodypump, and recently added CXWORX.  When not teaching, Stuart remains very active and loves hiking and hanging out with her dog and friends.  Come check out a class with Stuart Every other Sunday 9:15AM Bodypump and 10:30AM RPM or Every Tuesday at 6:15AM for Bodypump.