“Our mission is to be a leading provider of a welcoming and inspiring environment for community and fitness.  We seek to provide an atmosphere that allows others to be encouraged and motivated on their fitness journey.”

About PNW – our fitness story begins over a decade ago when my family and I purchased Gold’s Gym with the belief in mind that fitness is an integral part of living a healthy life.  For the last twelve years, we have owned and operated eight facilities under the Gold’s Gym name. During that time we served thousands of members, met many wonderful people and have created several long lasting bonds and friendships! We have also learned a lot and we have grown even more.  In February 2017, we had the opportunity to branch out on our own and start PNW Fitness as a locally owned, family operated, home-grown business that we are proud of.

Our location is unique like nothing I have experienced in the industry. Our members and their stories are nothing short of inspiring and it’s a privilege to provide them a safe place, a support system, and a community that has significant positive impacts on their health and their lives.

We look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals and sharing your success stories with others!