PNW Fitness Corporate Program

Research shows that corporate wellness programs have a significant positive impact on employees live both personally and professionally. PNW Fitness Corporate Wellness provides a fully customizable program for companies of all shapes and sizes!

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How Partnering with PNW Will Impact Your Bottom Line


Lower Medical Costs

Studies have shown that for every dollar employers spend on wellness programs, medical costs fall about $3.27.

Lower Company Costs

Beyond that, for every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies' costs related to employee absences from work fall about $2.73.

Lower Lifestyle Diseases

Finally, there is a direct correlation between the presence of corporate wellness programs and a drop in lifestyle related diseases amongst participating companies' employees.

PNW Fitness Corporate Plans

PNW Fitness Corporate Sponsorship ProgramMost Popular

$ Price Varies on Company Size

Per Month
  • Registration fees customized for company size
  • No enrollment fees for employees and family members.
  • Lowest month to month membership prices available
  • Company option of year round open enrollment or limited time event
  • Easy reporting on enrollment and employee utilization
  • 1-hour personal training session for every enrolled employee
  • GX Classes included in each membership

PNW Fitness Corporate Discount Program


Per Month
  • No upfront company registration fee
  • Discounted enrollment for employees
  • Low month to month membership prices
  • Year round open enrollment for all current and newly hired employees
  • Easy reporting on enrollment and employee utilization
  • 1-hour personal training session for every enrolled employee

Team up with PNW Fitness

Each of your employees will receive our lowest registration fees and month to month pricing available. Beyond that, that they will have a TEAM driven by the need to help them achieve their goals in order to become happier, healthier and more productive individuals in their lives both inside and outside the workplace.

Not only will your employees receive our absolute lowest membership fees, but they will also receive a supportive and educational environment that bring exercise, knowledge and fun together! At PNW Fitness we pride ourselves in delivering healthier lifestyles in the most upbeat and exciting way possible. Weather it is in the form of our invigorating group ex classes, our inspiring one on one personal training sessions or our competitive group challenges, we will bring the excitement to your team to keep them striving toward their fitness goals! And how does this benefit you as their employer? You will see improved energy and increased productivity from your employees. This combined with proven reductions in absenteeism and improved morale around the office can only help you in building a more positive, energetic, and fruitful company culture which at the end of the day yields a more successful business!

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