30 days to change your body, your mind, and your COMMUNITY

WHAT IS fit4pride?


20 lucky contestants from the Seattle community are chosen annually for a 30 day fit4pride Challenge.


Contestants will be paired up with another of their like body types/goals to compete to be the most fit4pride!


fit4Pride has begun annually for the past 6 years in mid May and lasts through the Seattle Pridefest event.


At PNW Fitness of course!  Contestants also participate in the Capitol Hill and Seattle Pridefest events.

Entrants will be trained in teams of two and will win as a team!

Challenge Requirements:

  • Must complete 2 GX classes per week.
  • Must have the willingness to take on a healthier lifestyle.
  • Must be set up on and follow a personalized dotFIT nutritional program.
  • Must track nutrition online through dotFIT.
  • Must complete all personal training appointments during the 30 days.
  • Must be ready to make some serious changes in their current fitness/nutrition routines.

Challenge Benefits:

  • 30 day+ PNW Fitness Membership
  • Guidance from a personal trainer
  • Support from your fitness family
  • A welcoming community ready to help you conquer your goals
  • Knowing that you will be fit4pride!

For anyone who is considering joining Fit4Pride, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. As long as you're committed, Fit4Pride will yield amazing results.

Braxton Kelloggpast fit4pride participant and now PNW Fitness member

I owe fit4pride…a huge debt of gratitude and I’ll never forget all that this program gave me.

Thomas Metcalfmember and past fit4pride participant

Fit4Pride was a month I will not soon forget; It was a space where I could workout with people who would later become my friends and not feel inadequacy or shame. I trained alongside people I never would have otherwise met in a self selecting society and became a healthier version of myself. Fit4Pride was a step in my journey to becoming more physically prepared to climb Rainier and any other mountain--literal or metaphoric--that I have yet to climb.

Bam A. Mendiolapast fit4pride participant

(fit4Pride) was so much more for me than a “way to get fit”. It was a place where I made friends to last a lifetime. I gained the confidence to know “I can do it”. It was a place where I was able to get the coaching I needed to get my (muscles) in shape for a very intense surgery that I needed. I wish I could do it every year just to be around all the wonderful people who are there. To help encourage those who might not think they can make it. Simply just to pass on the help I got and keep it going.

Dietrah Weber-Stilespast fit4pride participant.

Welcome to Fit4pride. It is an amazing journey. You will find all kind of camaraderie, education and support. I never knew that I had the strength or ability to finish this program. I was always the “fat kid” and hated fitness. I loved all 6 weeks of this program. The trainers pushed me but understood my limitations. I loved being able to work out with my fellow fit4priders. I learned heaps about fitness and nutrition, and still use that wisdom today. But, the best part was being able to tell myself and the world that “I am accountable to myself. I can do this. I am handsome. I am strong.

Kent Whipplepast fit4pride participant