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Our Personal Training Staff is the best in the industry! Our trainers do so much more than simply guide you through your workouts. They are certified professionals who pride themselves on being with you every step of the way. They develop a plan specifically for you, implement the workouts into a schedule that works best for you, but most importantly, they motivate you every step of the way. From strength training to cardio conditioning and nutritional support they are your accountability, your guidance, and your motivation when you simply cannot do one more rep.  They are dedicated to you and your goals. Through your ups and your downs, your plateaus, and your successes they truly want for nothing more than to leave you feeling better, looking better and performing better than you ever thought possible!

From one on one personal sessions to partner training and group workouts, PNW Fitness trainers are here for you!

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“For a couple of years now I've been living, more like dealing, with Type 2 diabetes. I've changed my eating habits in the hopes of being able to get to a point when I no longer need to take my pills on a daily basis. This did not help. After a little more than a month of working out with Dave and the crew…I've dropped two pant sizes and my blood sugar has evened out! The knowledge I've obtained... (is) something I will be able to use from now on to make sure I continue to lose weight and stay healthy.”

Elisa CavasosPNWF Personal Training Client

"I was introduced to...(the gym) nearly 7 years ago at the age of 70....The experience has made a wonderful difference in my life. Not only have I seen an increase in muscle strength, I have seen an increase in my stamina for everyday routines such as the ability to climb flights of stairs with ease, mow my lawn with a hand-push lawnmower, walk up to two miles a day with no effort, and the list of life-changing differences could go on and on.

As it turns out, going to the gym three days has also become a social outlet for me. Since I live alone, seeing familiar faces with smiles and greetings three times a week is something I have come to look forward to. Very much. When I told my financial advisor I was working out..., he told me that was the best investment I could make! This I believe."

Boyka ThayerValued Member